Hi Zoe, I relate to your bullet point list here for sure. But, for me, opening another IG account would be like going down a new rabbit hole of time. I'm pushing back against this notion of being constantly present on SM. As creatives we have ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs (obviously you know this!) and we aren't content machines.

For me, at the moment anyway, I'm finding there's just not enough headspace for everything going on in my life, plus my writing, plus social media.

I like to think stepping back makes it okay for others to step back too, and not feel that constant pressure.

I'm also leaning into here on Substack too and when I do use SM, I'm signposting here and my books as where to find me.

Just my tuppence worth and where I'm currently at 🫶

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I’m nodding away here .. I do this .. I talk enthusiastically about writing and book related info then I switch over to carers and talk about a new support group I’ve created as I I want to let people know it’s out there.. then I’m talking about a podcast around my abuse recovery program.

I’m a writer discovering new ways and places to write, I’m an author who’s on a steep learning marketing path, I’m a support care worker to clients with dementia and I’ve recently found my inner child and discovered new connections in my life from the understanding I now have of the impact of my adoption.

I find I’m going round spinning each plate then moving on to the next one, oh and there’s poetry downloading in my mind that demand to be written to be collated into a book. With all this spinning around (Kylie comes to mind), I’m not achieving what I desire- my book sales aren’t increasing, I’m not bringing in the abundance I believe is there and I thought was heading my way.

Each new thing I do to help this tip over to a successful business, doesn’t quite make it happen.

I love all my spinning plates and am attached emotionally to them and don’t want to put them down... yet it all feels too busy and not the flow I so desire to be in.

Quite a conundrum !

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