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I’m Zoe Lea. I live in the Lake District with my husband, kids, dogs and falcons (yep, falcons, but they mostly belong to my husband) and I love writing.
I’ve written two psychological thrillers, If He Wakes and The Secretary and my third Closer Than She Thinks is due to be published November 2024 or there abouts.

I’m also a copywriter working for businesses help tell their stories to connect with their ideal client and make them go from browsers to buyers.

Basically, I adore storytelling in all forms.

Why The Writer’s Guide to..?

Well, here’s the thing. I dreamed of becoming a published author since forever and when that dream came true, it wasn’t everything I’d hoped for.

That sounds so ungrateful, and I promise I’m not, I’m really thankful for it all. Some absolutely amazing things did happen, are still happening, and I love a lot of it, but I also hate a lot of it. And when I got the deal, I thought that would be it!

But alas, if you write books today, and aren’t in the small percentage of people who have a huge marketing department behind them, it means you also have to become a social media manager, a PR guru, a presenter, a graphic designer, send out a newsletter...the list goes on!

How will this help?

I felt SO ALONE when I realised I had to do all this stuff. I had no idea where to start and floundered around for an age, not sure what was working and what was wasting time.

So this newsletter is a weekly helping hand, letting you know what to do, what is effective and to build a community of writers and authors helping each other.

It’ll be full of ways to create an author and writer brand you love, get you more visible and in turn, more paying writing gigs if that’s what you want.

Here’s what happens…

I send out a weekly Friday email.

It will be about something that I’ve discovered in my own journey, such as how I got subscribers to my author newsletter, or what changes are happening in the Instagram algorithm that you need to know about. It won’t always be the same, but it will give you some help.

For paying members, you’ll get access to six months worth of the Monday Muse which is a round up of content ideas for TikTok and Reels, trending audios and effects as well as a content idea for social media. Included in that is a short course on how to start your own Substack and get paying subscribers.

There’s also a Writing Planner and How to Find Your Ideal Reader workbook.

And here’s 10% off for reading this whole page!

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Being an author or writer today means you also have to be a PR guru, social media manager, videographer, presenter, newsletter writer, the list goes on! This Substack is to help with all of that and make you feel less alone.


Author of thrillers, social media strategist for authors and part-time copywriter.